Happy Earth Apparel



I’m happy to be a rep for a company called Happy Earth Apparel. They are a company that care deeply about the environment with 50% of all sales given back to environmental causes. Which I like a lot. Use code “aphelps” for 20% off everything on happyearthapparel.com


Fall 2017 Serengetee Rep

I’m back for a second term as a rep for Serengetee. Serengetee has to be one of my all time favorite companies. 0a00b86505b5aeb0f4054621bbeef91c

A lot of people ask what is Serengetee. Serengetee is a company with a mission of giving back. Uniting the world through fabrics. The team at Serengetee travels far and wide looking for a way to give back to local communities. They have connected beautiful fabrics from over 30 countries. These fabrics are used for pockets on shirts, pockets on tank tops, backpacks and more. The cool part is that each fabric is tied to a charity from the country of origin. With each purchase money goes back to the country. For more information go to serengetee.com. If you would like to wear the world use code APHELPS20 for 20 percent off everything on serengetee.com

Nature Backs and the Flip Trip


I was on Instagram the other night and a Nature Backs ad popped up . They had some really cool adventure pictures so I followed. I also decided to check out their website. They sell shirts, pullovers and Flip Trips. A flip trip is a bracelet for anyone that likes to have an adventure.   After you go on the adventure you flip it over to the adventured side. It is a really cool idea. The bracelet is comfortable. I ordered a pullover also but I’m still waiting for it to come in the mail. I will keep you posted on it.


You can buy Flip Trips here: http://shop.naturebacks.com/


About Me!

Hello Everyone reading this,

My name is Ana and I really love tacos. This blog is all about me. I will be talking about my travels and brands I love. I’m a longboarder and a college student. I love to travel but I hate airplanes. Most of my travels happen in a RV. Road trips are the only real way to see America.